Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Robyn’s Creative Cakes (RCC)  – Retainers, deposits, payments & taxes.

  1. The “due date” is considered “booked” upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total of the quote.
  2. Payment of the deposit is acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
  3. The final quote is valid for 14 days.
  4. The final balance is due one week before delivery/event.
  5. If the client fails to make payments, (after consultations have failed) we shall cease work, the order will be cancelled, and no refund will given
  6. Preferred payments are bank transfer: Robyns Creative Cakes 016352  –  307420624 ***banking receipts must be forwarded to confirm payments

Liability, Transport, Storage, And Fulfilment Of Contract

  1. RCC is not responsible for any bodily injury, property or consequential damage which may result from our services.
  2. RCC is not responsible for any damage/shortage to the cake caused by anyone NOT an employee of RCC.
  3. RCC will not deliver a cake if full payments have not been received.
  4. RCC is not responsible for any delay or inability to deliver based on accidents, natural disasters, traffic issues, inclement weather, illness, death, labour troubles, delay in supplies, disputes or strikes or any other circumstances out of RCC control.
  5. If a client collects the goods *cakes*, RCC is no longer liable for any damage caused to the cake once out of our hands. The cake will be affected by heat so please ensure it is not subjected to any heat in the car. RCC should be advised if the cake must travel long distances so we can assist in any way. Please ask if you have any transport/storage queries.
  6. The cake can be heavy so please ensure it is handled with care. For large cakes you may need 2 people to lift the cake is held by the cake board. Please do not leave cakes in cars without air conditioning and ensure that any cake stands /plinths (not supplied by RCC) can sustain the weight of the cake.
  7. Fondant cakes are not designed to be refrigerated (unless professionally done so) and as such the cake covered in fondant should be stored in a cool dry area. Please advise if you need assistance in this area. Buttercream cakes will require refrigeration, please ensure you have suitable refrigeration available at the venue. Buttercream cakes will need to be brought to room temperature before consumed. Times will vary to achieve this dependant on the weather and room temperature. Please ask us for advice if unsure.
  8. Cakes that are to be collected from our premises (12 Kildare Lane, The Vines) unless previously arranged will be 10am SHARP on the due date.
  9. Damage may occur to cakes in hot, humid environments, please advise is you need any assistance on storage /displaying your cake. No responsibility will be taken for damaged occurred to cake due to weather, heat, or humidity.
  10. Once you have collected the cake no changes will be made to the cake, so please ensure you have checked the cake before you leave.

Postponement/ Cancellations (Inc Covid Related)

  1. The client must notify RCC if there is a change to the due date or a complete cancellation. No refund will be given for a change of mind.
  2. No refund is available for celebration cakes cancelled within 2 months of the due date. Orders have been declined due to this booking.
  3. If the order is a postponement (celebration cakes) the deposit will be transferred to the new due date (if available).
  4. Should your event require rescheduling due to government restrictions your deposit will be transferred to your new date (if we are available). The new date must be within 12 months of your original date, and we must be notified 2 weeks prior to any changes. Any rescheduling post 12 months will require a new quote however the original deposit will apply.
  5. Should RCC need to cancel the order due to government restrictions we will give as much notice as possible and all deposits will be refunded less any expenses/ purchases made.
  6. Any refund given for disputes regarding cake design or production of a design are completely at the discretion of RCC.
  7. Full refunds will never be given for any cake which has been consumed regardless of dispute as consumption of the cake is viewed as your acceptance that the cake is adequate for the purpose for which it is supplied.
  8. All cakes delivered to venues are photographed to show cake quality on delivery. We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to the cake and to items with the cake such as knives, decorations and stands once delivered to a venue.
  9. RCC will give no refund to cancellations due to sickness, natural disasters, or other incidents.

Changes To The Order

  1. Any changes must be submitted in writing within 14 days’ notice.
  2. Additions or changes may incur additional fees.
  3. Small changes to the design may be made to the order by RCC if they are not possible to be constructed or unstable.
  4. Changes to flavour and design may be made by RCC is there is an issue with the supply of ingredients.

Design Of The Cake

  1. RCC will follow the Clients request closely to create the exact cake desired
  2. RCC cannot duplicate an exact copy of another cake artists work but will ensure the look is similar.
  3. When fresh flowers are included in the design RCC will endeavour to match the customers provided bouquet/colour scheme. Fresh flowers are subjected to availability, seasonality. Colour variations will also vary depending on the time of the year.
  4. RCC will not utilize florals left at the venues. If you wish to provide florals, they must be delivered to RCC at least 1 day before the event. Please ensure the florals are of top standard and there is an abundance to meet the design specifications.
  5. RCC will never provide a “blank” cake for florists /others to decorate.

Serving Amount And Sizes

  1. Dessert Size: 1inch x 2inch x the height of the cake
  2. Coffee Size; 1inch x 1inch x the height of the cake
  3. Serving size estimations are not guaranteed to be exact.
  4. RCC is not responsible for a shortage of cake if the pieces are cut to large.
  5. Internal structure required on a cake may affect serving guide.

Allergy, Dietary Warnings, And Inedible Items.

  1. RCC’s baked goods may have come in contact with various allergens. RCC can make most cakes (vegan, eggless and gluten free cakes) and all care will be taken, however there may be traces of allergens using shared equipment and traces from manufacturing from suppliers.
  2. Natural dyes, artificial dyes, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners, artificial colour, and other allergens not listed.
  3. The customer is responsible for making RCC aware of any allergy/dietary requirements. The customer is responsible for pointing out to the guest’s the potential allergy hazards. No responsibility is taken to allergic reaction to guests.
  4. Please be aware that toppers and flowers often contain toothpick/cake wire or kebab sticks to give support or to secure it to a cake. Ensure the toothpicks etc are removed before giving any toppers to someone to eat. You will be advised in person where toothpicks etc are on your cake on collection. No responsibility will be taken for any toppers eaten where the customer has not removed these items from the structure.
  5. Multiple tiered cakes will contain internal structure for support. This may will include cake boards, wooden dowels. If this affects the serving size , you will be advised when quoting your cake. Please ensure the structure is removed before serving.
  6. RCC uses hand made sugar flowers and fresh flowers on their cakes. All fresh flowers are not to be eaten. All care has been taken to provide the fresh flowers in a safe manner. All fresh flowers will be washed, taped, and have wire inserted/attached. Please ensure all items are removed before serving the cake. All structures are food safe.
  7. RCC will advise upon collection if any items/decorations are inedible. Please ensure these items are removed before serving.

Cake Stand Hire And Special Equipment

  1. RCC has a vast range of cake stands and knife sets for hire. All items for hire must be returned within 3 days post event to 12 Kildare Lane, The Vines.
  2. Customers not returning items will be liable for the full replacement cost.
  3. All weddings will be quoted with a cake stand. Please advise if you do not require a stand.
  4. Customer supplied items must be supplied to RCC at least 10 days before the event.

Delivery And Setup

  1. All weddings will have a delivery and setup service provided in their package. If you are travelling with your wedding cake and require pickup the delivery fee will be removed.
  2. Should you require delivery for your celebration cake or require RCC to provide any other delivery service the fee is $1 per kilometre return.
  3. The customer may pickup their cake. The customer assumes liability once it passes into the client’s possession.
  4. The client is responsible for providing a suitable environment for the cake (away from heaters, vibration, people, suitable outdoor settings).
  5. Once the cake is delivered and photographed, RCC is not responsible for the cake including collapse, melting or damage.
  6. All cakes delivered to venues are photographed to show cake quality on delivery, we do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to the cake or items with the cake or items with the cake such as knives, decorations and stands, once the cake has been delivered to the venue or collected from us, or for loss, damage, or non-delivery under unavoidable or extreme circumstances.


  1. RCC reserves the right to use all photographs of the cake for advertising purposes, marketing, and promotional business, this will include social media without compensation to you. Should you wish for this not to occur please advise in writing beforehand to ensure there is no misunderstanding.
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